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Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a holiday of remembrance of those no longer with us. It is a popular holiday in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Central America. The people of the Dominican Republic use this holiday to celebrate life in honor of their deceased relatives and friends. Family members and friends make altars, some containing flowers, water, food, fire and tobacco (see image at left as an example of an in-home altar to remember and celebrate the deceased friends and family).  Many altars display items that were important to the deceased and prepare elaborate feists, after visiting the grave sites, as a way of almost joining the living world and the world of the spirits for the day. Symbols and re-creations of skulls are often seen as part of the Dia de Los Muertos ritual. This is not a sad or somber holiday, but rather one that is happy and colorful. The holiday is celebrated with family and community gatherings, music, and feasting, and the festivity of its observance acknowledges death as an integral part or life. Festivals and parades are held as observers present flowers, light bonfires, eat, drink and smoke cigars as a gesture of honor and respect.



As a gesture of honor and respect for the thousands of men and women who devoted their lives to the Dominican Republic's  cigar industry, we have launched the GTO Pain Killer line of cigars - with all of the components of these cigars purely from the Dominican Republic (called a puro). The Pain Killer line uses the finest Dominican tobacco. These cigars (available in either a maduro or corojo wrapper) exhibit a full spectrum of flavor and strength, as bold as any cigar that you might have tried in the past. Although bold, these cigars are very flavorful and never harsh or bitter.  Light up the Pain Killer and you will experience the best of what GTO has to offer. Remember - Those who know, smoke GTO!  For details of the GTO Pain Killer, including its components, strength and characteristics, visit the GTO cigars page by clicking here or on the menu bar above. 

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