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If you are a brick & mortar cigar shop, lounge owner, or hospitality business seeking to add a new kind of Dominican cigar & cigar merchandise to your brand or would like to collaborate on an event with our owner or product, please contact us either below with your inquiries or requests or give us a call at 334-538-2949. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 


If you are customer looking to get your hands on one of these cigars, please go to the Locate our Cigars tab above, where we list all of our vendors, so that you may find the one closest to you. If you cannot find a vendor close enough to you, please contact us below.  


Please note, we do not sell our cigars online & have elected not to offer our cigars in mail order catalogs and cigar websites, other than those of the local cigar retailers. We only sell our cigars to certified retail tobacco shops and lounges. GTO Cigars continues to provide aggressive support to our customer in the promotion of our cigars, hosting cigar events, cigar related apparel, cigar accessories & special pricing to our long time patrons.


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